Bot ANN-E Kit (I Can Invent Series)

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Hands-on fun at home from the makers of Camp Invention®. Our I Can Invent® series of Innovation Exploration Kits™ deliver some of our best hands-on camp activities for at-home fun and learning.

Bot ANN-E Kit includes:

  • A high-tech agricultural robot — we like to call her Bot ANN-E — and all the tools you need to complete challenges.
  • Detailed instructions to guide you through the prototyping process as you build a flying pollinating device.  
  • Hands-on experience coding Bot ANN-E to plant seeds. 
  • A chance to use your imagination and problem solve as you navigate landscapes you create.
  • Access to exclusive digital content including step-by-step instructional videos.


Innovation Force Kit includes:

  • Activities that will unlock your innovative superpowers.
  • All the materials you need to sketch, design and build superhero disguises and gadgets.
  • The opportunity to explore design engineering.
  • Tools to build and test a device that picks up toxic sludge (AKA: SLIME!).

Innovation Exploration Kits are non-refundable.

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