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Hands-on fun at home from the makers of Camp Invention®. Our I Can Invent® series of Innovation Exploration Kits™ deliver some of our best hands-on camp activities for at-home fun and learning.

Includes Bot ANN-E™, Innovation Force®, Optibot™, Robotic Pet Vet™, and DIY Orbot™ kits, a Camp Invention T-shirt, your very own Inventor Log and access to exclusive digital content including step-by-step instructional videos.

Bot ANN-E Kit includes:

  • A high-tech agricultural robot — we like to call her Bot ANN-E — and all the tools you need to complete challenges.
  • Detailed instructions to guide you through the prototyping process as you build a flying pollinating device.  
  • Hands-on experience coding Bot-ANN-E to plant seeds. 
  • A chance to use your imagination and problem solve as you navigate landscapes you create.

Innovation Force Kit includes:

  • Activities that will unlock your innovative superpowers.
  • All the materials you need to sketch, design and build superhero disguises and gadgets.
  • The opportunity to explore design engineering.
  • Tools to build and test a device that picks up toxic sludge (AKA: SLIME!). 

Optibot™ Kit includes:

  • Your own self-driving robots that follow twists and turns on tracks you create.
  • Everything you need to personalize your Optibots and draw your tracks.
  • Tools to explore how sensors are used in automated systems like the ones in self-driving cars.
  • Lessons in creativity and persistence as you modify and test your Optibots.

Robotic Pet Vet™ Kit includes:

  • Two robotic dogs, one to take apart and diagnose, and one to personalize. 
  • Everything you need to personalize your pup and build a dog park using simple machines.
  • Step-by-step instructions to get you thinking like a veterinarian as you investigate dog anatomy and perform surgery.
  • Engineering exploration and creative problem solving.

DIY Orbot™ Kit includes:

  • Remote-controlled bots to put your own spin on.
  • All the materials you need to design, test, modify and customize your bots.
  • Lessons that incorporate reverse engineering, or taking devices apart, and the invention process.
  • The opportunity to overcome obstacles and build confidence as you complete a series of fun and challenging tasks with your robots.


Innovation Exploration Kits are non-refundable.

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| Jane T. 23-06-2020 16:44

We are in a remote part of Alaska. It was wonderful to have the kit arrive with everything we needed. This is vital due to our location. My daughter fell in love with her robot pet and could not wait to tell her friends about him! We loved the activity kit, and if it is offered again we will purchase one again.

It was exciting to have it shipped to my child, the videos and activities were exciting and engaging and my daughter could not wait for the next time we pulled the kit out to keep exploring. We love you National Inventors Hall of Fame!

| Valerie R. 18-06-2020 12:20

We really enjoyed these kits, and my kiddo was so excited to start using them! He’s been playing with the robots every day and redecorates them often. He got the hang of programming his green robot fast, and took apart his robot dog and put it back together. Really fun kits for kids of a wide variety of ages.

5 stars based on 2 reviews